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Open Tech Solutions

We’re Apple technology experts committed to delivering a seamless and pleasant experience to our customers. We’ve been all Apple, all the time, since 2003. There is no project too big, no question too small. Choose Open Tech Solutions to get the job done right!

Business Services

Managed Services

Imagine your very own IT department staffed with people who love Macs and know how to make them sing… Imagine no more! Let us provide the three “M’s” – Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance. We’re the right people for the job.

Mobile Device Management

Who says you can’t manage your company’s iPhones and iPads? With Mobile Device Management, your mobile devices can be as secure and reliable as the Macs sitting on your desk… perhaps even more so.

Business Continuity

Whether it is a fire, tornado, hurricane, or alien invasion, what will you do when disaster strikes? Disaster is just the crossroads of unexpected and unprepared. We can help you develop a plan and set it in motion so the two never meet.

Hosting Services

Make your business look more professional and get noticed online with our email and website hosting and design services.

Onsite & Remote

We’re available on the phone, online, and onsite. We’ll be wherever we need to be to get the job done right and as fast as possible.


Slow network? WiFi dead-zones? Server not found? We can make these and other network problems a thing of the past.


Sure, Macs are more secure, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Hackers are clever, but so are we. Put us on your side so we can help you keep your business and critical data safe and secure.

Vertical Markets

Every business is different, we get that. We’ve seen that from our many years of experience in the healthcare, education, and creative sectors. So whether you’re a medical practice concerned about HIPAA compliance, a school contemplating a 1-to-1 iPad deployment, or an ad agency struggling to manage all your digital assets, we can help!

Home Services

House Calls

Have you ever taken a car to the mechanic only to have the noise you heard in the engine disappear? Often the best way to diagnose and fix a problem is right where it happens. If you live in Atlanta, Denver, or Miami, we’ll come to you.

Wireless Network

Does your wireless network make you feel a little less wired? We can make sure your wireless network is good in every room of your house.

Parental Controls

It’s tough being a parent these days. How do you set limits when kids have unlimited access to the Internet? Getting this right is important. We can help you with the right set of controls and empower you to have a conversation with your kids about what is safe and appropriate.

TV & Media Center

When did watching TV get so complicated? If you’re mystified by jumbles of letters and numbers like HDMI, 4K, 1080p, ATSC, EPG, HDCP, MPEG, OLED, PIP, STB, etc, worry no more. We’ll get you set up so you can just kick back and relax with your Apple TV.

Smart Home

These days it seems like everything in your home can be connected to the Internet. We can install and configure your Internet of Things devices (IoT) like doorbells, light switches, thermostats and more so you can automate everything in your home to suit your needs.


Whether you’re switching from a PC to a Mac, or just upgrading to a newer Mac, we can transfer your stuff over and get you up and running smoothly so you can start enjoying your new Mac.

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Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Miami, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Miami, Florida

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